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Ashtead, Epsom and Surrey Tutor provides excellent tuition by highly qualified tutors.  Ashtead Tutor is run by the tutors, led by the head tutor, a Cambridge Scholar with Masters degrees from Oxford, London and Cambridge.

In-person tuition is often in Surrey, in or near Ashtead, West Byfleet or Epsom, but can sometimes be available in Clevedon, Cambridge, near Aldershot or elsewhere, depending on the subject and available tutors.

While most of us prefer teaching in-person, and will at least start with face-to-face lessons if we can, online tuition can work very well for most pupils for some or all of the lessons. It allows us to teach anywhere, including internationally, and when the best tutor for a pupil isn't local, we can teach without having to compromise our high standards by having the most suitable tutor teach online.

Some pupils and parents are surprised just how well online tuition works for them. Not infrequently some who started with face-to-face lessons but who had for one reason or another to have some lessons online find it so convenient and successful that they then ask for more online lessons. Only for a few young pupils with poor attention is online tuiton likely to be difficult. We can guide you appropriately about what will be best for you.

The best way to find out more is to phone 01372 229186.  I will then be able to discuss your particular needs and answer your questions and give you advice.  It is also possible to send an email to or fill in the contact form.


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