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Eleven Plus is the name commonly used for the Entrance Tests or Exams (Selection Tests) taken in year six (at age ten or eleven) for entry into year seven (at age eleven) into selective secondary schools such as grammar schools.  The tests are not all the same for all schools.  Common tests are:
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics / Numeracy
  • Literacy / English

The exams test knowledge of year five work plus a little year six work.  Thorough knowledge of normal primary school work, plus some practice at the verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests, if required, is therefore what is needed to secure a place at these schools.  Ashtead Tutor can help with one-to-one tuition for all of the entrance exam subjects (including English comprehension and essay writing which are often overlooked by other tutors, but which are required by some schools).  Tuition will be individually tailored to the needs of your child for the schools they are applying to.  These skills will help your child succeed better at whichever school they go to, as well as giving them the best chance of getting in to the schools of your choice.

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