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Maths worksheets


This is only a tiny subset of the worksheets used at Ashtead Tutor.  They are here to provide extra practice to supplement the ones handed out at tutorials.


Graduated worksheets start with easier questions and progress to harder ones to guide the student and develop their skills and confidence.  Random worksheets provide plenty of practice with numbers chosen at random by the computer, within set limits:  there is therefore no controlled gradation from easier to harder questions within a sheet; graduation is from one sheet to the next instead.


Please use the contact us page to report any errors in these worksheets. 


  1. Percentages
    1. Percentages (graduated) 1 - equivalent fractions and decimals, e.g. 25% = 1/4 = 0.25
    2. Percentages (graduated) 2 - calculating x% of y, e.g. 35% of 120 = 42
  2. Decimals
    1. Decimals (graduated) 8
  3. Make your own
    1.  Make your own worksheet - add, subtract, multiply, divide, powers etc. .xlsx (MS Excel 2007 or later or compatible programs only, I'm afraid: it won't work with earlier versions as the formulae are too complicated)
  4. Ratios
    1. Ratios 1 .pdf  
  5. Addition, Subtraction
    1. Addition (random) 1 to 5 plus 1 to 5 .pdf
    2. Addition (random) 10 to 20 in tens plus 1 to 10 .pdf
    3. Addition (random) 10 to 90 in tens plus 1 to 10 .pdf
    4. Addition (random) 2 to 11 plus 1 to 5 .pdf 
  6.  Multiplication and Division
    1. Multiplication (random) 0 to 5 times 2 to12 .pdf
    2. Multiplication (random) 2 to 5 times 2 to12 .pdf
    3. Multiplication (random) 6 to 7 times 2 to12 .pdf
    4. Multiplication (random) 6 to 9 times 2 to12 .pdf
    5. Multiplication (random) 2 to 12 times 6 to 12 .pdf
    6. Multiplication (random) 6 to 12 times 3 to12 .pdf
  7. Data collection and presentation
    1. Two-way tables .pdf
    2. Data collection, averages and mean .pdf
  8. Numbers
    1. Standard index form .pdf


Please use the contact us page to report any errors in these worksheets. 


These free worksheets may be used by anyone for their own learning or may be given out free of charge by a teacher for use in their own school. Any other use requires permission. (C) 2008 Ashtead Tutor.
Full credit must be given to whenever these worksheets are used, and this copyright notice must be included with the sheets. Thanks!